Deep experience in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Getting technology moving


Provision of construction teams and assembly managers for container conveyors and pallet conveyors, line and loop sorters, baggage conveyor systems, power and free conveyor systems, storage and retrieval machines.

Mail order, logistics service providers, parcel services, airports, car manufacturers, distributors, food industry – all depend on having a smooth, efficient flow of materials.

The dynamics of digitalisation and e-commerce make the need for efficient flow of materials all the greater. Suppliers of high-performing conveyor, sorter and distribution systems address the need with intelligent technology.

We install and provide support for such technology. SAMONT has an excellent network of assembly specialists, skilled personnel in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, and specialists. They are familiar with the latest technologies such as optical waveguides, measurement and testing of electrical systems according to VDE, or handling of industrial communications based on BUS systems.

Years of experience have put us in a position to deal successfully with the highest demands on time and quality – thanks also to the commitment of our people who walk the talk of customer focus every single day!

Installation is one of SAMONT’s core activities

Specialists for the installation of any type of conveyor and sorting technology.

Customized teams for each project

All assembly services, from planning to sign-off, from a single source.

Supply of resale technology such as control cabinets, electrical materials and safety barriers, based on customers’ needs.