Welcome to the SAMONT Team

SAMONT enjoys an excellent reputation with both manufacturers and users of conveyor and storage technology. Our good reputation is based on our reliability, our competence and our customer focus.

All this has shaped a company that today has 90 permanent employees and which is among the leading technical service providers for assembly and support of conveyor and storage technology.

We are the right partner for:


in the fields of conveyor and storage technology who want their systems to be erected by a competent technical service provider

General contractors

who are looking to work with a reliable service provider for all or some of the technical implementation of demanding projects

Assembly companies

who are looking for a project-related supplement to their own capabilities, or who need a partner to fill a gap in specialist know-how

User companies

who choose to call in external support for their systems rather than employ their own resources in maintenance work

What makes us stand out – and makes your project successful:

Looking into the future with one click:
The video about the last stage of the new construction project project.

Grasping the Future

Having worked in an assembly firm for ten years, SAMONT founder and CEO Jasmin Sarkinovic set up his own company in 1995. His goal: to grasp the future and shape it himself.

15 years on, SAMONT is among Europe’s leading technical service providers. The company has its headquarters in the city of Paderborn in the Eastern Westphalia region of Germany. Since 2018, it has also had an additional facility in Brühl. In 2020, another branch establishment was founded in Mettmann.

All the signs point towards further growth – which is why from 2020 onwards a new development and service centre will be built in Paderborn in several construction stages.

This will bring together, under one roof, all the activities involved in planning, controlling and supporting SAMONT projects in Germany and abroad:

  • Facilities for development and construction of plant components for individual adaptations of storage, conveyor and distribution systems,

  • capabilities for pre-assembly and testing of plants and for packaging and transporting plants to the construction site; and

  • training and instruction infrastructure for the ongoing training of staff.

Available everywhere, at any time

International additions to the SAMONT TEAM

Skilled personnel are rare, and it is difficult to attract applicants for construction projects which involve long periods away from home. Thanks to the continuous support and cooperation of the immigration office and employment agency at Paderborn, we have been able to continuously add new personnel to our payroll, including applicants from abroad.