Repair. Maintain. Replace.

Ensure the high availability of your intralogistics and reduce breakdowns and downtime.

Maintenance and modernisation

Planning and carrying out inspections and maintenance work, repairs, reconditioning, replacement of wearing parts, and retrofits.


Standstill and unplanned down time in production due to failures is expensive. You’re only earning money if things keep moving. So we do everything we can to ensure the operability of your technology.

Acting on behalf of both plant manufacturers and user companies, our employees and teams perform maintenance and interval inspections for conveyor, sorting and storage technology. Our teams guarantee fast-response repairs whenever disruptions occur, replace wearing parts when necessary or as part of preventative maintenance, and retrofit or adapt machines as part of retrofit measures.

Our goal: To prevent down times from happening. To respond quickly if a failure does happen, keeping the down time as short as possible.

Working for plant manufacturers and users, we maintain or repair some or all of your equipment, on a case-by-case basis or whenever you have a resource bottleneck.

Whatever is moving you: SAMONT’s service and maintenance will help make sure your technology is available.