Move. Dismantle. Reassemble.

Use our expertise for relocating or dismantling intralogistics equipment.

Relocate and dismantle

Relocation of technical plants from one site to another – from planning and organisation to dismantling and transporting equipment, to reassembly and commissioning.


Fast-evolving markets, changing competition, global market developments: There are many reasons why it may be necessary to move existing conveyor equipment from one site to another instead of investing in new technical infrastructures.

SAMONT offers complete services to support relocation – from the planning phase right through to implementation. Our specialists perform the dismantling work and take care of interim storage where necessary. Also, they will organise the required transportation as part of a precisely planned process chain.

And they are on hand when it comes to reassembling the relocated plant and making it ready for use in compliance with all regulations and safety standards, using the basic documentation specifically created for the project.

You can depend on it: Whether moving within your own country or relocating internationally – the SAMONT team will handle your equipment relocation with smooth perfection.