Transforming with SAP

We have completely modernised our IT landscape as part of a comprehensive digital transformation. The platform for this is the SAP Business ByDesign solution from SAP, the world's leading software provider. The trade magazine 'Betriebstechnik und Instandhaltung' has now published a report on this. Here is an extract from it:

Samont optimises its intralogistics

Samont, based in Paderborn, Germany, is an international company specialising in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of industrial systems. The focus is on the installation and support of systems for conveying, sorting, collating, storing and dispatching goods, parcels and luggage. Customers for the often large and complex systems include Amazon, UPS, Spar and major airports such as Berlin and Zurich. Samont has experienced impressive growth in recent years and has been recognised several times for its strong growth by renowned business magazines such as Focus and the Financial Times.

However, this rapid growth has also led to increased demands. Customers demand immediate interaction and tailored, performance-based services. The existing IT structure was unable to meet these demands. It had evolved into a heterogeneous system and process landscape, characterised by a large number of individual stand-alone solutions and process variants. This lack of standardisation led to increased workload and reduced the efficiency of the company's processes.

In the face of these challenges, the management decided to undertake a major transformation. This transformation was a response to the need to reorganise the entire company to meet the increased demands. At the heart of this was the installation of a cloud-first ERP platform (based on SAP Business ByDesign). Among other things, this move is intended to strengthen customer focus and enable the integration of customers, partners and suppliers along the entire value chain.

The transformation was being undertaken with the clear objective of laying the foundations for sustainable and profitable growth. Particular emphasis will be placed on implementing robust, scalable and proven digital processes that meet the diverse needs of employees and customers. The transformation will create the framework for an agile and flexible company to successfully navigate the future.